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Andrew Tween

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Jonathan Taylor

The kit pieces WHAT’S UP, ON THE PATH, FUNKY MARCH & GOOD GADD feature in the new 2014-2019 TRINITY COLLEGE LONDON drum syllabus. In addition the site now has Ensemble packs, small band arrangements of the Grooveworld TCL drum-kit syllabus pieces….and more

Welcome to Grooveworld! Here you will find a brand-new collection of short original pieces with great-sounding grooves in a wide variety of styles, essential for any aspiring drummer. Our aim has been to write music that's fun to play and builds technique, reading skills, co-ordination, and timing. In addition to Mp3 backing, all tracks offer piano accompaniment scores for rehearsal and interactive performance. This approach in drumkit education opens up the possibility of working directly with an accompanist focussing on qualities of musical empathy.

"A fantastic introduction to playing authentic grooves on the drums".
Pee Wee Ellis, saxophonist, band leader, composer